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Fun, Young Mom - Web Video, Tech Start-Up - SOdayVO
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e-Learning Narration - Military LifeSaving Skills - SOdayVO
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Audiobook, Popular Fiction: The Girl on the Train - SOdayVO
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Audiobook, Nonfiction: Madam President - SOdayVO
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Let's Work Together!


Totally real and conversational.
 sounds like your best girlfriend, down-to-earth mom and wife, business /corporate leader,
or enchanting storyteller, with a smooth,  warm, eclectic style. 



SOdayVO is Shiv O'Day,
voice actor with an ultra-real,
conversational sound.



~ Quirky, yet sophisticated, 
warm and friendly voice-overs ~

Get professional voice-over and narration services and recording options to fit your needs in her Washington D.C. studio or in the production studio of your choice.


Shiv specializes in:

  • Commercials and Promos for Radio, Television, and Related Media

  • Motion Graphics Explainer / Web Videos and Animations, Cartoons and Video Games

  • Documentaries, Films and Live-Action Features

  • Educational, e-Learning, and Training Videos

  • Corporate or Industrial Presentations

  • Audiobooks - Fiction and Nonfiction


Recording Options

Voice Genres




Animation / Characters




Hear the unique
and effervescent sound of Shiv in action!


Come back often --
new voice-over demos and audiobook samples added
all the time! 


Source Connect /
Phone (Skype) Patch /

Files delivered how you want them, via email, iCloud or Google Drive,
or Dropbox



"Shiv" is short for the Irish "Siobhan" which sounds like "sha-VAUGHN" - aren't you glad you asked?!


So while her name is a little complicated, her sound is so easy to listen to!

Hear the effervescent sound of SOdayVO in action! Listen to her voice-over demos and audiobook samples; they include a variety of reads from dishing girlfriend to corporate executive and everything in between.

Shiv is the refreshingly friendly and pleasant leadership voice you're looking for. After years of directing voice actors as an industry creative director and producer, Shiv is an accomplished storyteller and self-directs like a boss!

Give her a ring to talk about your next professional voice-over project. 

Call     +1 (202) 431-6774


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Ben Belghachi. Find more of his art here.

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